Media Skills Training

At Our Version Media, rather than doing the work for you, we give you the skills and knowledge to do things for yourself. We empower you to tell and share your stories today, tomorrow and long after our time with you ends. So, you can learn everything from how to write authentic and compelling stories, to how to use your mobile phone to showcase your social impact, and we… well, we’ll sit back and watch your coverage – and confidence – grow as you put more and more content out into the world.

We welcome working with organisations who buy our media skills training for their staff, service users and communities. These types of partnerships enable more people to attend our workshops, for free. Organisations who’ve partnered with us this way include Southampton City Council, West Itchen Community Trust, Solent NHS Trust, Action Hampshire, UnLtd and Mayflower Engage.

SVS partnered with Southampton City Council and Our Version Media to develop and promote Giving Thanks videos and skill development through a small grants programme. Veronica, as ever, was clear and focused in delivery of her element of the work and kept other partners fully informed on progress to the successful conclusion of the project.” – Jo Ash CBE, CEO, Southampton Voluntary Services (SVS)

Diversity & Inclusion Facilitation

Our diversity and inclusion facilitation works to ensure that Hampshire’s black communities are represented in the region’s services. We work with organisations who want to increase, improve or extend their services and engagement with local black British, African and Caribbean communities. Our services span inclusive comms, D&I overhauls and co-creating impactful projects. Clients have included Solent NHS Trust, with our work tackling COVID-19 vaccination misinformation within Hampshire’s black communities; the Southampton-based outdoor adventure organisation Go Tread UK, who we helped to recruit six black and ethnically diverse staff members, to train as expedition leaders in its bid to increase the diversity of the outdoor industry; and Mayflower Theatre, to increase the diversity of its audiences.

Veronica’s passion and knowledge about the people living in the local community has enabled me to further my community engagement work for Solent NHS Trust. Veronica has been instrumental in connecting me with invaluable community partners in the city. This has been extremely beneficial as it has greatly helped Solent with our work and ambitions to reach and engage with diverse members of the community.” – Ophelia Matthias, Communications and Engagement Officer, Solent NHS Trust