Mobile Storytelling

Our Mobile Storytelling workshops combine digital media and mobile journalism skills to empower everyone to tell and share their own stories. Participants learn skills to create, film and edit impactful videos using their smartphone. Learning covers: what makes a good story, crafting a compelling story, identifying the best shots to tell it, filming, editing, scripting, captions, voiceover and how to share online for a wide reach.

We have two options for Mobile Storytelling training:

Mobile Storytelling: Create, Capture, Share This two-part workshop is delivered in-house at MAST Mayflower Studios or at the booking organisation’s premises. Each workshop is three hours.

This training is delivered free of charge to Southampton residents because it is paid for by Hampshire-based organisations who share our mission of equipping local people with skills to tell and share their own stories. Please get in touch if you want to sponsor a workshop or buy the training for your communities, clients or service users.

Local residents who are community organisers, community activists and community volunteers are encouraged to sign up for this free training.

Mobile Storytelling to Showcase Social Impact Masterclass This virtual three-hour masterclass enables organisations to equip their employees with skills to use digital media to showcase their organisation’s social impact.

This masterclass is best for staff who actively engage with their local communities, clients or service users and want to authentically showcase this work. It is popular with community engagement teams, marketing and communications teams, and diversity and inclusion teams.

This masterclass is delivered via Zoom. Group size is up to eight people. There is a mix of learning and practical exercises.

What participants say

“An informative and practical training course to help you create impactful videos instantly on your mobile phone! Veronica was a supportive and encouraging mentor with a strong emphasis on community driven messages, she was insightful and helpful at all times.”

“I had never even tried videomaking until the training. I was taught what type of videos are most likely to make an impact and was practically shown how to create them. After I created and published videos about my projects, people from across the city got in touch to ask how we could work together as they have seen the amazing things we are doing. It feels like I am having new conversations every day with potential collaborators as a result.”

“The workshop was totally focused on the third sector and relevant to the work we do, with so many good suggestions, Veronica did not talk in jargon and was so approachable. I came away feeling that the time spent was so worthwhile.”

“I went into the sessions open minded and came back enlightened. Veronica was very patient and helpful. She kept pushing for excellence and I would happily work with her on future projects. As of result of the training sessions I am now creating more videos for my community projects with the new skills I have learnt.”

“An effective mixture of information and practical activities. Really great doing it in a small group.”