Connecting Solent NHS Trust with communities to discuss COVID-19 vaccination

In February 2021, Solent NHS Trust commissioned Our Version Media to extend the reach of their work tackling misinformation about COVID-19 vaccination and ensure credible information reaches the region’s black British, African and Caribbean communities. With many in our communities having concerns, anxiety and questions about vaccination, we worked with the Trust and our communities to create opportunities for people to put their pressing vaccination questions to the Trust’s specialists.

Over eight weeks, we conducted a series of key events and initiatives to equip people with the information they need to make an informed choice about whether or not to get vaccinated.

As part of our package of work we:

  • Hosted a public COVID-19 Vaccination Q&A session as a safe space for members of the community to discuss their fears and concerns about the vaccine with the Solent NHS Trust;
  • Hosted COVID-19 Vaccination Q&A sessions in trusted community spaces, such as a church Zoom, inviting Solent NHS Trust in to answer people’s questions;
  • Created a myth-busting team of COVID-19 Vaccination Communications Champions from black and Asian communities who, after briefing from Solent NHS Trust’s vaccination expert, were able to answer questions and provide credible information within their communities and peer groups, held Zoom sessions in their workplaces and university groups, shared information on social media and on their own digital platforms. See Pull Up Network’s COVID-19 web pages, made by one of our Youth Communications Champions;
  • Made a “Black People and COVID-19 Vaccination Q&A” podcast where people put their pressing vaccination questions to the Clinical Director of Solent NHS Trust’s Vaccination Programme;
  • Circulated information directly to Hampshire’s black British, African and Caribbean communities through our emailing lists and private messaging, like WhatsApp groups;
  • Added a “COVID-19 vaccine FAQs” webpage to our website. Compiled by Solent NHS Trust, it contains commonly asked questions from black, Asian & ethnic communities; and
  • Connected Solent NHS Trust with key members across the communities to help them improve their services for the region’s black communities.