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Our Version Media CIC (community interest company) is a social enterprise that empowers marginalised, under-represented and misrepresented communities to tell their own stories. Based in Southampton, UK, we are dedicated to increasing positive and authentic representation of communities often demonised by the press.

Our Version Media was founded in 2019 by Southampton-born broadcast journalist, Veronica Gordon. With fifteen years’ experience across radio, TV news, digital and print media, here’s her insider tip: with the right training and support, anyone can successfully tell their stories in creative and compelling ways.

We are experts in working with organisations and diverse communities to achieve impactful, inclusive and authentic storytelling using a range of media: from making videos that bring your projects to life, to other creative ways to inform and connect the people you work with. We want to make sure that everyone who lives in the city feels included, represented and confident to share their stories. We’re shining a spotlight on their lives, cultures, vibrancy, diversity and resilience.

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