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What’s On: Black History Month 2020

Black History Month has been celebrated in Southampton for more than a decade. This year, because of the pandemic, most events have been moved online. Here's the link to the city's Black History Month magazine. It is packed full of articles, including one about Our Version Media. There are also details of what's happening locally... Continue Reading →

Changing the narrative of local black stories, one consultation at a time

Introducing our Black Community Coverage Clinic. Our recent survey of black people living in Southampton revealed that some felt “sad”, “misunderstood”, “frustrated”, “annoyed”, “invisible”, and “stereotyped” by local press coverage of the city’s black communities. They also said local news is more likely to cover stories of black people that are crime, drug or gang... Continue Reading →

OVM Podcast Coming Soon

Want to learn how to boost the visibility of your community-focused organisation? Our Version Media is creating a podcast! It'll include tips, insights, & things you can do immediately to get more coverage.⁠In the meantime, if there is anything you need help with & would like covered in a future podcast episode, just let us... Continue Reading →

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