Reach new and diverse audiences with our new advertising service

New for April 2023: We’ve introduced a new advertising service. Over the past two and a half years, we’ve seen how beneficial our information-sharing services have been for our Diversity and Inclusion Facilitation clients. For them, it’s free perk as part of a wider package of services and, now, we’ve opened it up so other organisations can benefit too.

As an advertiser, we’ll share your message directly to hundreds of black and ethnically diverse people across Southampton. We’ll add it to our Community News, Events & Opportunities webpage, distribute it through our diverse emailing list, share it via our private messaging service (ie WhatsApp) and share it on our social media platforms. With the ripple effect, your message can go on to be even more widely shared amongst our communities. For example, a WhatsApp message can be forwarded from 10 to 100 people.

As a social enterprise, our profits go back into supporting the communities that we serve. Request our Advertising Rate Card.

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