3 words to never use in your press release

1. Amazing

Being passionate about your project or service is great but, just because you say it’s “amazing” doesn’t mean it is. Using that word is lazy. Plus what’s “amazing” to you, may not be “amazing” to a journalist, or their audience. Instead, explain what it is you do that makes it “amazing.”

Show it, don’t say it.

2. Exciting

If you have to describe your project or service as “exciting”, it isn’t. You’ve used that word to persuade a journalist to be interested. They won’t be. There are already 1000s of “exciting” press releases in their email Bin.

So, identify what will excite them – not you – about your story & use that grab their attention.

3. Prestigious

Even if your Award was bestowed on you from the Queen, don’t use the word “prestigious”. If the Queen awarded you then it’s obvious it is prestigious. If she didn’t then, your “prestigious” award email is more PRESS-DELETE.

Instead, explain why your activity or project achieved recognition, and the impact it had on people’s lives.

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