Mobile Storytelling workshops – Participants

I did Our Version Media’s Mobile Storytelling training because I do a lot of work in the community – and although I get lots of feedback from within the community, many people outside of that don’t understand what I do. I needed a way to share my impact, and I knew social media and video would be a powerful way to do that.

“I had never even tried videomaking until I began the training. I was taught what type of videos are most likely to make an impact and was practically shown how to create them. Technology and I usually go in different directions, but Veronica built my confidence and my belief so that I could do it, supporting me step by step.

“After I created and published videos about my projects, people from across the city got in touch to ask how we could work together as they have seen the amazing things we are doing. It feels like I am having new conversations every day with potential collaborators as a result of the videos and some of the videos have more than 2000 views! It has been incredible.

“Now I know how powerful videos are to make a difference. We know we have to continue using video to enable us to work with more communities – and I’m now sharing my video making skills with other people so that we can capture more of our impact.– Dr Abdoulie Sanneh, Community Organiser, West Itchen Community Trust Watch Dr Abdoulie Sanneh’s social impact video (opens Facebook)