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Founder says Southampton is more than ready for its “glow up”

Our Version Media is an official media partner of Southampton’s UK City of Culture 2025 Bid. Our founder, Veronica Gordon, has been featured in Southampton 2025’s blog. In it she revealed what she loves about Southampton, why she’s supporting the…

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Media racism: “Sometimes things go unchallenged because they go unspoken”

More than three quarters (77.8%) of black Southampton residents who took part in our media survey said they do not feel fairly and accurately represented in local news coverage. The survey also revealed that 75% felt there was a negative…

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New tool launched to tackle media bias

Over-the-shoulder close up of man reading news on mobile phone

Our media survey of black people living in Southampton revealed that less than 40% know how to complain about racist media coverage, despite often seeing it. Three quarters (75%) said local news coverage of black people was negatively biased and…

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