Community Organisation training

Our Version Media was commissioned by Southampton City Council’s Mayflower 400 programme to deliver a community training initiative. This partnership, also in collaboration with Southampton Voluntary Services (SVS), provided seven community organisation leaders with our free two-part Mobile Storytelling training, and SVS awarded each organisation with a small donation of £150.

As part of the training, participants had to put into practice what they were learning by making a #MyGivingThanks video. The video detailed what they or their community, clients, or service users are grateful for. While some participants had experience filming on their phones, most did not, and most had never used a video editing app. Some even believed they couldn’t do it…

But they did! All seven successfully completed the training and each made their very own Giving Thanks video! Watch below.

Please note the videos are showing via each organisation’s Facebook page so may take a short while to load.

Theatre For Life CIC

Transition Southampton

Nigerian Community in Hampshire

Women Integration Group

Romanian Advisory Centre

The United Voices of African Associations (TUVAA)

Our Version Media would like to thank Southampton City Council, Southampton Voluntary Services (SVS), & the Southampton Mayflower 400 team for inviting us to be part of this project. We would also like to thank all the participants for being super-engaged, fully immersing themselves in the challenge, & for being creative. As the project took part during the UK lockdown, most of the organisations’ usual activities had shut down, so each had to be very creative in getting footage.