Diversity & Inclusion Facilitation

As a social enterprise, we provide our media skills and digital media training to communities at a low cost and, in some cases, on a pro bono basis. We make our main income by providing Diversity and Inclusion Facilitation to organisations across Hampshire, providing effective solutions for increasing representation and diversity in their organisations and the communities they work with.

Because of our social enterprise model, organisations who buy our services are not only increasing representation in their organisation, projects and services, they are directly supporting our work to increase positive and authentic representation of Southampton’s black and marginalised communities.

Our clients are values-driven, community-focused organisations who:

  • Want to empower their communities and service users to share their authentic, uplifting and inspiring stories;
  • Want to better connect with black and ethnically diverse communities;
  • Want to authentically showcase their work with black and ethnically diverse communities.

We can work with you to: 

  • Diversify your audience, customer base and clients by helping you build relationships and connect with black, ethnically diverse and under-represented communities;
  • Develop and implement inclusive, authentic and representative marketing and communications;
  • Equip you with digital media and storytelling skills to create, capture and share impactful and inclusive stories; 
  • Improve diversity, inclusion and representation in your organisation.

We reinvest our profits into helping Southampton’s under-represented black communities to tell and share their stories and voices. Buying from us means you’re helping too! Read how in Our Values.