Podcast: Black people and COVID-19 vaccination Q&A

Our Version Media has been working with Solent NHS Trust to tackle misinformation about COVID-19 vaccination and to help ensure credible information reaches the region’s black British, African and Caribbean communities.

We’ve been equipping people with the information they need to make an informed choice about whether or not to get vaccinated.

As part of our package of work, we made a podcast. It features real questions from real people, and real answers from the Clinical Director of Solent NHS Trust’s Vaccination Programme. To make it easier for listeners to get answers to any questions they might have, we’ve transcribed the questions below. Just pick the question you’d like the answer to and fast-forward the podcast to that spot.

Black People and COVID-19 Vaccination Q&A Our Voices, Our Stories

In this special episode, members of Hampshire's black British, African and Caribbean communities put their pressing COVID-19 vaccination questions to the Clinical Director of Solent NHS Trust's Vaccination Programme. IMPORTANT: This episode was published on 31st March 2021. Please be aware that information about COVID-19 vaccination is being continually updated so please go to the NHS's COVID-19 vaccination website for the most up-to-date information https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/coronavirus-vaccination/ Created by Our Version Media CIC in partnership with Solent NHS Trust


1:55 Because of the news about the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine and blood clots, is the vaccine safe and does one have a choice on which vaccine they take?

4:23 As a healthcare assistant, is there a letter or some type of proof that I can be given to say that I don’t want the vaccination and that I’m not being pushed to have it?

5:58 Is it true that, by taking the vaccine, you’re exempting yourself from any future issues that might occur in you being able to sue the pharmaceutical company? Why would this be applied to a vaccine that’s only been developed within the last 12 months with no long-term safety record attached to it?

7:33 Some medical professionals are saying if you have COVID you can not have the vaccine within 14 days and others are saying if you’ve had COVID you can’t have the vaccine before 4 weeks.

9:00 I’ve heard that people who’ve had COVID are more at risk of serious disease after having the vaccine and I really would love to know if it’s true or not.

10:35 I would like to know if the vaccine is safe for pregnant women to take or women trying to conceive.

12:19 I’ve had the COVID vaccine which left me worse-for-wear for two and a half days. I know it comes with symptoms but I would love to know as to whether the second vaccine carries the same problem, or could it be worse?

14:16 Different vaccines are effective in addressing different things so we need to know which vaccine is doing what – which vaccine is more effective in reducing the chance of catching COVID or reducing illness becoming serious or reducing transmission to someone else?

16:10 We know now that COVID is a massive issue at workplaces like care homes and nursing homes. Why doesn’t Health & Safety rules provide guidance about COVID vaccination at work?

17:42 Would the NHS ask their staff to vaccinate? What would happen if they refuse because of their religious beliefs? Would they punish them?

18:52 Some people believe that these vaccines are experimental. The manufacturers and the public are still learning more about the effect of the vaccine on the body and, because of that, they will not vaccinate. What will you tell these people?

20:13 Some people are vegans and they will not take the vaccination because they contain meat products. What advice do you have for them?

21:08 Some care home employees will not disclose whether or not they have taken the vaccine and they would not give their reasons to their employers. Would there be any consequences for these employees? And what would be the advice to the employers?

22:44 Why have the vaccine if it doesn’t stop you from getting COVID-19? 

23:45  Why have the vaccine if it doesn’t stop you from spreading COVID-19?

24:28 Would there be any repercussions for anyone who decides not to take the vaccine?

25:00 What about people with Type 2 diabetes who are on medication? If they take the vaccine, will it make them ill?

Got more questions about vaccination? Take a look at the FAQs given to us by Solent NHS Trust or visit the government’s official Coronavirus website which, as well as vaccination information, contains guidance about lockdown rules and roadmap, testing and self-isolating, education, work and financial support.