Our Values

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Our Version Media’s services are underpinned by our core values:  

1. The people of Southampton deserve to be recognised

We are proud to be a Southampton-born social enterprise. We love our city and we make it our mission to ensure that everyone who calls Southampton their home feels included, has the confidence to share their stories, and showcase the diversity of our city.

2. Everyone can be empowered to tell their own stories 

Our founder, journalist and news producer Veronica Gordon, has more than ten years’ experience across TV, radio, digital and print media. But here’s an insider tip: with the right training and support, anybody can successfully tell and showcase their own stories in creative and compelling ways.

3.  Authentic storytelling is key to audience engagement

Whether your target audience is a radio listener, a newspaper reader, a user of your service, or a specific community: the key to making sure your stories connect with your audience and create an impact is through authentic storytelling. We are experts in building relationships with people and communities so that they can create authentic stories that can be told through a range of media.

We live by our values and reinvest our profits to:

  • Host our pro-bono Black Community Coverage Clinic to deliver free media, PR and communications consultancy to black community group leaders, an ethnic group often under-represented in the media and in the city’s services.
  • Showcase authentic stories, such as those in Our Southampton Stories, created by local people who are currently under-represented or misrepresented by the media.

Do you share our values? Get in touch to explore how we can work together. 

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