Our Values


Our Version Media CIC exists to increase positive and authentic representation of Southampton’s black, minoritised and marginalised communities. Our services are underpinned by our core values: 

1. Southampton’s diversity should be recognised, acknowledged and celebrated

We love Southampton and believe that everyone who calls Southampton their home should feel represented, included and a sense of belonging. We equip people with media skills to tell and share their own, authentic stories, giving them the confidence to shine a spotlight on their lives, their contributions to the city and showcase Southampton’s diversity.

2. Everyone can be empowered to tell their own stories 

Our founder, broadcast journalist and news producer Veronica Gordon, has more than ten years’ experience across TV, radio, digital and print media. Here’s her insider tip: with the right training and support, anybody can successfully tell and showcase their own stories in creative and compelling ways.

3.  Authentic storytelling is key to audience engagement and building relationships

Whether your target audience is a radio listener, a newspaper reader, a YouTube viewer, a service user, or a specific community: the key to making sure your stories connect with people and create an impact is through authentic storytelling. We are experts in equipping people and communities with the skills to create authentic stories that can be told through a range of media.

4. Empowering people to take back the narrative of their own stories

Our Version Media is committed to tackling the mainstream media’s persistent, negative portrayal of black, ethnic and marginalised communities. By equipping people with media skills to tell their own authentic stories, they can better showcase their real lives and counteract the damaging media stereotypes.

We live by our values and reinvest our profits into increasing positive representation and visibility of Southampton’s black British, African and Caribbean communities. We:

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