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A selection of content from community groups that Our Version Media has empowered to tell their stories. From help writing newsworthy press releases, to making social impact videos using their mobile phones, these community project leaders are now raising the visibility of their work and causes.

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Community Group: I KAN (Active Kids, Active Neighbourhoods)

Mobile Storytelling: Social Impact video by Dr Abdoulie Sanneh

“I had never even tried videomaking until I began the training. I was taught what type of videos are most likely to make an impact and was practically shown how to create them. Technology and I usually go in different directions, but Veronica built my confidence and my belief so that I could do it, supporting me step by step.

A social impact video Dr Abdoulie Sanneh has made since completing training

After I created and published videos about my projects, people from across the city got in touch to ask how we could work together as they have seen the amazing things we are doing. It feels like I am having new conversations every day with potential collaborators as a result of the videos and some of the videos have more than 2000 views! It has been incredible.” – Dr Abdoulie Sanneh [Read more in What Our Clients Say

Community Group: St Mary's and Kingsland Local Conversation

6th July 2020

When I started the face masks project I never imagined it would have such a fantastic response in the community, touch so many lives, and even feature in the main local newspaper and media publisher, the Southern Daily Echo. It is such a privilege and honour to serve people.” – Hany Rahimi

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