About Us

Our Version Media® CIC is a community media enterprise that’s equipping black – and other minoritised communities – with media and journalism skills to tell their own stories. We’re dedicated to increasing positive and authentic stories about black people and other communities often demonised by the press. We know that this demonisation is harmful to mental health and wellbeing. Read our research findings Black People, Local Media & Wellbeing, 2020.

Our founder, broadcast journalist turned social entrepreneur, Veronica Gordon, has fifteen years’ experience across TV news, radio and digital media. Here’s her insider tip: with the right training and support, anybody can successfully tell their own stories in creative and compelling ways.

Community media and community activism, powered by mobile

We’re amplifying black and marginalised voices by equipping individuals, communities and organisations with media skills to tell their own, authentic stories. Our Mobile Storytelling workshops teach people how to create, film and edit videos using a smartphone, empowering them to share inclusive and impactful stories that reflect their real lives, neighbourhoods and communities. This is boosting confidence, self-esteem and wellbeing, while counteracting the mainstream’s negative narrative at the same time.

Our Values

Everything we do is underpinned by our core values: 

We believe that media should belong to everyone, not just the few.

We support those whose voices are unfairly silenced and whose stories are mis-told.

We stand firmly against the media’s demonisation and stigmatisation of black people & other minoritised groups.

We believe everyone should feel free to be their authentic selves.

We believe that authentic storytelling is key to authentic representation and building authentic relationships.

We will connect with others who share our mission of amplifying black voices.

Our Vision

We’re working towards a world where black joy is seen, celebrated and accepted.

Amplifying black voices

We live by our values and reinvest our profits into amplifying the voices of black British, African and Caribbean communities. In our hometown of Southampton, we: