Our Version Media® CIC is a community media enterprise dedicated to increasing positive and authentic representation of black and other communities often demonised by the press.

Our work is underpinned by our core values: 

1. Everyone can be empowered to tell their stories using a range of media

Our founder, broadcast journalist turned social entrepreneur, Veronica Gordon, has fifteen years’ experience across TV, radio and digital media. Here’s her insider tip: with the right training and support, anybody can successfully tell their own stories in creative and compelling ways.

2. Ethnic and cultural diversity should be recognised, acknowledged and celebrated

We believe that everyone should feel represented, included and have a sense of belonging. We are amplifying the voices of black and minoritised communities and making these positive and authentic stories more visible.

3.  Authentic storytelling is key to building authentic relationships

We teach individuals and organisations skills for authentic, inclusive and impactful storytelling. We’re empowering people to use digital media to create and share stories that reflect their real lives, neighbourhoods and communities.

4. Positive stories lead to positive wellbeing

We know that the media’s demonisation and negative portrayal of black and marginalised communities is harming people’s mental health and wellbeing [read our survey findings]. By equipping people with media skills to tell their own stories, we’re making positive and authentic stories more visible. This is boosting self-esteem and wellbeing, while counteracting negative stereotypes at the same time.

Our profits are reinvested into amplifying black voices

We live by our values and reinvest our profits into amplifying the voices of black British, African and Caribbean communities. It’s one of the ways we’re working towards our vision of a world where black joy is seen, celebrated and accepted. We:

  • Host a Black Community Coverage Clinic to deliver free media skills guidance, advice and support to black residents, community organisers/activists/volunteers and community group leaders
  • Give our Mobile Storytelling training to Hampshire’s black residents, community organisers, community activists and community volunteers for free
  • Support free support and promotion for black business owners through our free Black-owned Business Directory

Do you share our values? Get in touch to explore how we can work together.