Introducing our Black Community Coverage Clinic.

Our recent survey of black people living in Southampton revealed that some felt “sad”, “misunderstood”, “frustrated”, “annoyed”, “invisible”, and “stereotyped” by local press coverage of the city’s black communities.

They also said local news is more likely to cover stories of black people that are crime, drug or gang related, with the most commonly used words to describe us being: “loud”, “angry”, “drug dealer”, “aggressive”, “thug”, “immigrants”, “refugees” and more.

At Our Version Media, we know that coverage is not representative of the city’s black communities.

Smiling woman on her laptop working from home.
Black community organisation leaders can get help to increase their project’s visibility.

So to strengthen our aim of increasing positive and authentic black stories, we’ve created a new, free, consultancy service to help black community groups and organisations to raise their visibility and counteract that negative narrative.

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